Business Mediation

BUSINESS mediation


Understanding through mediation

Mediation is a structured process to settle a conflict in a constructive manner where an independent third party, the mediator, supports the conflict parties in their solution process.

Professional mediation gives you excellent opportunities to resolve conflicts completely and in agreement with the conflict partner. I can utilise my extensive experience in this area to support you.

When mediating conflicts, we ensure that your needs and the needs of your conflict partner are made clear and taken into consideration. Ideally, the best way of defusing conflicts is not to allow them to escalate in the first place and to handle them as early as possible. But even highly escalated conflicts can be resolved with professional support.

What does the conflict situation look like?

  • There are conflicts between managers and staff in your company
  • There are disagreements between areas / departments / teams
  • There are complaints and considerable discord, perhaps even as far as bullying
  • There are difficulties within change management projects
  • There are disputes around company succession

If one or more of these aspects seems accurate, there is a real risk that your company, and especially the people involved, are suffering more and more under the often considerable consequences of this conflict situation – a task that needs to be solved as quickly as possible. Professional mediation offers you a direct and efficient way of achieving this.

What you benefit from

  • Extensive experience with conflict management
  • Comprehensive training and certification as a mediator
  • Professional and efficient approach
  • Situational intuition, sensitivity & insight into human nature
  • Competence and skills for real conflict resolutions

The next step towards conflict resolution

We can arrange an initial appointment where we take a look at your concerns and discuss which approach would be expedient in your case.

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