Bullying / Conflict Consulting

Bullying / Conflict Consulting


Psychological terror at the workplace – declare war on bullying!

Do voices go silent when you enter the room? In your team, are you regularly ignored, humiliated or excluded? Do these scenarios sound familiar, or have you already observed this in your team or with one of your colleagues? Luckily, most differences of opinion and disputes at the workplace can be resolved peacefully and without larger clashes. But what if they can't be? If conflicts are not resolved, they often turn into targeted bullying.

The aim of bullying/conflict consulting is to stop bullying immediately. To achieve this, we take a close look at your individual situation and analyse the conflict and the relationships of the people involved so that we can develop a suitable strategy for stopping the bullying together. There are no bystanders when it comes to bullying! Reconciliation for the harm caused is also part of a sustainable pacification of bullying / a conflict.

My approach is to start with a careful analysis of the conflict and to work with you to determine resources which provide relief. In addition, we establish a group of people in your working environment who have a critical view of the bullying practices and who support you. Then, the underlying conflicts are gradually discussed and resolved. The result is an end to the bullying and a clarified situation.

What you would like to achieve

  • Are you targeted either verbally or physically?
  • Is someone spreading rumours about you within the company?
  • Do people keep information from you that you require?
  • Are you excluded from shared activities within the team?
  • Do you witness the bullying of other people in your team?
  • Would you like to take a preventative approach against bullying in your team or department?
  • Would you like to learn about specific things you can do to prevent bullying in your environment?

Bullying / conflict consulting will help you change the stressful situation. On one hand, this happens thanks to the strengthening and use of your own resources, as well as in the search for people who can act supportively. On the other hand, bullying / conflict consulting for acute cases ensures that the bullying can no longer remain hidden. This already gives you some initial improvement. In addition, targeted bullying / conflict consulting strengthens your conflict resolution skills and allows you to regain your confidence in your own competences.

The organisation also benefits from bullying / conflict consulting: Thanks to the resolved conflicts and the return of concentration to the workplace that accompanies this, as well as an improvement of the communication and company culture. We can also take a look at the structural topics in the background which encourage bullying. By changing the overall situation and having managers attend a targeted consulting session, you can create the conditions which make bullying less likely to occur. The statement must be loud and clear: bullying is never tolerated in the organisation!

What I can offer you

  • Extensive professional experience with conflicts and bullying
  • Special training for dealing with bullying
  • A great deal of empathy and insight into human nature
  • A strong sense of justice
  • Strong conflict resolution skills

Your next step towards eradicating bullying

I can arrange an appointment with you where we take a look at your concerns and clarify the next steps. If you are acutely affected by bullying, please get in touch quickly so we can end the stressful situation as soon as possible.

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