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Clarity through coaching

Life is often beautiful, but it isn't always easy! Particularly in a leadership role, life is full of daily challenges which you need to tackle in the best way possible. We succeed most of the time, but we have doubts every now and then – How can I perform my leadership role better, or what does my further development look like? What exactly are my personal goals and how do I achieve them? How can I escape that feeling of being on the daily treadmill, and feel content with myself?

Every kind of change starts with the mind. However, we don't just have our ideas and wishes in our minds, we also have our beliefs and our stumbling blocks. To enable change, let's look at your specific situation together and find out how you can reach solid solutions. The result is a long-lasting change of your situation which suits you, your needs and your wishes.

Sometimes we have a clear idea of what we want, or what's good for us, but now and then it can be helpful to develop this knowledge with competent support – less with off-the-rack concepts, more with individual strategies. My approach is to work with you to develop wishes and aims, and to find, try out and assess individual solutions for you to achieve these wishes and aims. This is the only way to achieve a long-lasting coaching result.

What you would like to achieve

  • Are you new to your leadership role? Still seen as a colleague, and now faced with completely new demands? Plagued by worries about how you can address matters and deal with employees?
  • Would you like to further develop your skills in your professional or leadership role, want to reconcile your image of yourself and how others see you, or are you interested in some thorough self-reflection?
  • Would you like to drive forward your personality and potential development, or improve your leadership skills?
  • Are you looking for a constructive solution for complex professional conflict situations or relationship matters?
  • Are you interested in topics such as stress management, modern life balance or burnout prevention?
In my competent business coaching programme, I can support you in all matters regarding professional and personal coaching. Take the opportunities that coaching offers, and benefit from an individual consultation. Tailored to suit your exact needs, we will find the right solution for you, together. My goal for your coaching is to develop and try out possibilities for action which you weren't aware of before now. This will help you to achieve your goals!

Of course, every coaching session is treated with absolute confidentiality.

What you will benefit from

  • Extensive and diverse professional and leadership experience
  • Comprehensive competence and methodological expertise
  • A thorough and structured approach
  • A high degree of understanding, empathy and insight into human nature
  • Personal commitment to long-lasting success in achieving your goal


If you're interested, let's talk about it!

We can arrange an initial appointment where we take a look at your concerns and agree the next steps in a targeted fashion. I will then send you a quote for your personal coaching.

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