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The importance of good Leadership

The greatest success factor in a business is the behaviour of its leaders. Numerous studies prove this, most notably the Gallup studies which are carried out regularly. According to this, approx. 16 percent of employees have mentally quit their jobs and 69 percent do no more than the minimum required of them (Gallup 2019). This is an alarmingly high number and the leaders are largely responsible for this, as they and their behaviour have a direct influence on the working environment and deployment of the employee.

In this context, it is very astonishing that many businesses rely on the leadership skills which their managers have naturally, or which they don't have at all, as the case may be. You are not born with these skills; they can, and must, be trained, just like any other important skill in life.

My approach is to prepare you systematically for the role of leader, or to further develop your skills in this role. Here, I follow the system of considering both hard and soft factors equally. With the hard factors, the idea is to take a look at the available management tools together with you, and to train you how to use them. The soft factors relate to the overall field of interaction with your staff, both socially and psychologically. According to experience, this is where most of the stumbling blocks are to be found. A solid foundation of possible actions will be of incredible value to you.

The aim is for you as a leader to be confident in using the management tools, and to be able to communicate appropriately and respectfully with your staff. You know the goals that you are pursuing, even in the hustle and bustle of operations. You know your values and competences which you can rely on and which you can further expand on. You are also very capable of self-reflection, which leads you to improvements again and again. Not least, you know the important function of the leader role model:

Walk the talk!

With my expertise from over 20 years of operative leadership, I can support you in preparing for a leadership position, arranging a new role or your desired further development.

It doesn't matter whether you are just at the start of your career as a leader and are preparing for your first leadership position, or if you are already working as a leader – we can always direct our attention to your values, competences and skills, and work together to come up with a plan for your targeted further development.

I am also happy to support you as an observer during assessments, or with appointing key positions.

What you would like to achieve as a Leader

  • You are aiming for clarity about your goals, wishes and requirements for a convincing leader
  • You are looking for support with reconciling your image of yourself with how others see you
  • You would like solid preparation for your duties as a leader
  • You would like targeted and thorough training for an assessment
  • You are looking for support with your first steps in your leadership role
  • You need efficient support for leadership in the digital world
  • You need support with conflict matters

What you would like to achieve as an HR manager

  • You would like to have clarity about the aims of your HR policy
  • You are looking for support when selecting leaders
  • You need help preparing for assessments, and someone to participate in these
  • You would like solid training for your leaders
  • You need efficient support for leadership in the digital world
  • You are looking for support with your first steps in your leadership role
  • You need support with conflict matters

What I can offer you

  • Over 20 years of diverse leadership experience
  • Comprehensive experience in coaching leaders
  • Extensive expertise as an observer in assessments
  • Diverse competences and methodological expertise
  • A high degree of empathy and insight into human nature

Your next step towards stronger Leadership skills

If you're interested in taking your next step towards excellent leadership, let's talk about it!

I can arrange an initial appointment with you where we take a look at your concerns and clarify how I can support you. I will then send you a quote with a clear cost and time framework.

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