Change Management

Change Management


Fit for the future with change management

Change management aims at putting organisations in a position to prove themselves successfully in a constantly changing world. This means that you can react quickly and appropriately to changes and effects from your environment – for instance, reacting to changes in technology, legislation, or other changes.

The aim of my change management consulting is to support your company in adapting to change successfully. The ability to define and pursue hard factors such as goals and milestones works well in many change processes. On the other hand, soft factors, such as the ability to involve employees in the process, often have many obstacles. Studies have shown that 90% of the time, the cause of failed projects was the soft factors, such as communication, management and cooperation (Doppler & Lauterburg, 2008).

For this reason, I base my change management approach on a careful examination of the starting point, and adapt my support to suit that. Here, both hard and soft factors are given equal consideration. This means that as well as planning the goals, milestones and resources, we also take into account the question of how to succeed in incorporating the people involved, particularly customers and employees, in an appropriate manner. This significantly reduces your risk of failure.

What you would like to achieve

  • Are you faced with a change due to a change of senior management (due to age, for instance)?
  • Do you find yourself in a crisis due to a radical change of external conditions?
  • Do you need to tackle larger changes based on IT changes in your company?
  • Are you being forced to carry out a significant reduction in staff?
  • Will your company have to change due to climate change mitigation regulations?
  • Are you planning a restructuring process due to resource bottlenecks?
If you would like to make changes within your organisation sustainably, I can work with you to define, design and implement the change measures which will lead to your goal – in a way which is tailored to your needs, as well as being feasible and fair. Qualified change management consulting will allow you to prepare your company for the future.

What I can offer you

  • Extensive experience with changes within business
  • In-depth training as a change management consultant
  • A keen eye for business and employee interests
  • A thorough, structured and fair approach
  • Considerable experience with complex conflict situations
  • No compromises, just working on real solutions

Your next step towards change

I can arrange an initial appointment with you where we take a look at your concerns and clarify which approach would be expedient in your case. I will then send you a quote with a clear cost and time framework.

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