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About me

Christina Klumpp

What motivates me?

Coaching, mediation and change management consulting are matters of trust. The better the consultant understands your concerns, the more effective they are able to support you in finding a solution. This is why it is wise to choose a consultant who is familiar with the subjects in the respective area.

I have 30 years of professional experience in the industry. I worked in various departments of Bosch and Daimler, as well as subsidiaries of these groups. Here, I spent over 20 years as a senior manager. As I have spent most of my working life in the financial sector, I have an in-depth understanding of financial contexts.

At the same time, I experienced very many change processes during this period, and each of them took place with varying levels of success. During changes to my own role, numerous conflicts, positive and negative experiences, I was often able to rely on helpful support. I know many ways to reach a goal from my own perspective, but also the pitfalls and dead ends.

Working with people is something I really love about my work. I am convinced of the effectiveness of coaching, mediation and change management consulting, which is why I have put myself through extensive training and education to become a coach, mediator and change manager. I focus on the person whose needs must be considered in all economic necessities. This work has added value to my life for many years now.

About me

Business Coach – Business Mediator – Change Management Consultant


  • Master of Arts (Business Coaching and Change Management)
  • Degree in Business Administration (BA), training at Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Certified Business Coach (EASC - European Association for Supervision and Coaching)
  • Systemic qualification, training by Prof. Dr. Varga von Kibéd, SySt Institut, Munich
  • Non-violent communication, training at the Akademie Blickwinkel, Munich
  • Certified Mediator, training at the University of Stuttgart
  • Dealing with bullying, training at the University of Stuttgart
  • Design thinking, training at Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Lean management, training at Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Coach, Mentor and Mediator for professionals and managers at Daimler Mobility, Stuttgart
  • Observer in assessments for aspiring managers at Daimler Mobility, Stuttgart
  • Co-Mediator within a conciliation process at the Regional Court of Stuttgart

Professional Experience

  • 1993: Controller at Bosch
  • 1996: Financial analyst at Daimler
  • 2000: Senior manager for the group accounts at Daimler (several positions)
  • 2008: Senior manager of Controlling at Daimler (several roles)
  • 2017: Senior manager in the HR department at Daimler Mobility
  • 2017: Working freelance as a coach and change management consultant, outside of my primary employment
  • 2018: Working freelance as a mediator outside of my primary employment, certification in 2019
  • 2018: Participation in the in-house consulting network at Daimler Mobility
  • 2021: Working completely freelance as a coach, mediator
  • and change management consultant


  • Member of the European Association for Supervision and Coaching (EASC)
  • Member of federal mediation association Bundesverband Mediation (BM)

And privately?

I adore my family and love spending time with my husband and our three children. I also enjoy reading, and read quite often. Since my childhood, I have also been a keen dancer. And I love to spend a lot of time in nature: I recharge my batteries by hiking, swimming or catamaran sailing.

In my personal life as well as my business life, I follow the Christian faith.

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