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A strong team thanks to team coaching

The say that a team is more than the sum of its parts, but is that true? How do you create a team out of individual employees? What characterises this team? What needs to happen for everyone in the team to feel included? When is a team innovative, and how must a team work to succeed and celebrate shared success?

Team coaching is about finding answers to these questions so that you can define and achieve goals based on the ability to collaborate well. For this to happen, we take a look at your team situation, especially the communication and cooperation of individual team members, and work out the necessary steps for constructive collaboration.

My approach is to work together with you as part of a team coaching or team development workshop where we work out the right goals for your teamwork, find individual solutions and try these out in practice. The result is a motivated team where every single member contributes to achieve shared success.

How is the situation in your team?

  • Are you new to your management role, or have you taken charge of a new team?
  • Would you like to develop a vision or strategy with your team?
  • Does the team face larger challenges within the company?
  • Have the team relationships changed due to new employees?
  • Is the team to be restructured or further developed?
  • Are situation-specific topics having a negative effect on the team performance?
  • Are there differences, conflicts or even the beginnings of bullying in the team?

With team coaching, you can ensure that your staff members work well together in the team and communicate well with each other. They come to agreements, work through topics efficiently and are able to complement other perfectly. This succeeds when there is a shared understanding of the goals, values and rules of play for cooperation. Team coaching forms the basis of good cooperation and creates the "we" feeling that is typical of a top team.

What I can offer you 

  • Extensive experience in managing teams
  • In-depth knowledge of working through conflicts
  • Practical solution to bullying problems
  • A high degree of empathy and insight into human nature
  • Comprehensive competence and methodological expertise

Find your team spirit here

If you're interested, let's talk about it!

We can arrange an initial appointment where we take a look at your concerns and agree the next steps in a targeted fashion. I will then send you a clear quote for your team coaching.

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