Business Coaching

When is The best time to start realizing your goals? Now!

Business Coaching

When it comes to your personal or professional further development, if you would like to build up or expand your leadership role or work on an acute conflict matter, coaching will quickly take you further.

Benefit from my competence, my extensive experience and my professional support. As a sparring partner, I can support you in person or online – whatever suits you best.

What is the best way of affecting others? Set an example!

Leadership & development

Leaders play a crucial role in determining the success of your company. Employers look for self-starters who have a firm understanding of their goal. People who know what they want and how to get it.

The question is how a manager can become an outstanding leader and what characterises this. What makes the difference? What are the individual success factors and how can you use these in the best way?

Good leadership is not a finished product, it's more of a dynamic process. This means that the subject of further development is of enormous importance – for your company as well as for you as a leader.

Management & development
Team Coaching

Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships!(Michael Jordan)

Team Coaching

The financial situation is currently very unsettled. Flawless teamwork is therefore crucially important for keeping your business competitive. This applies in particular to the present situation where any feeling of togetherness is confined to the digital sphere.

But how can we succeed in transforming a group of people into a really good, capable team where all members are well integrated and on the same page?

To ensure that new challenges can be tackled together in the best possible way?

According to experience, team coaching contributes very efficiently to achieving a sustainable team spirit and shared success.

The secret to success is to understand the viewpoint of others!
(Henry Ford)

Business mediation

Conflicts don't just block cooperation, they also cost energy, time and money. These often go unnoticed, but this means that unresolved conflicts prevent business success!

Internal business mediation offers excellent opportunities of permanently resolving conflicts within a company. Generally speaking, it isn't just those who are involved in the conflict who benefit from the mediation process, but also the whole company, as the barrier is removed and the culture of communication within the company is improved in the long term.

Business Mediation
Bullying / Conflict Consulting

All cruelty springs from weakness!

Bullying / Conflict Consulting

Bullying is one of the worst experiences that a person can suffer in their personal and professional environment. Here, people don't often recognise that bullying is an offence.

Whenever a bullying incident crops up within a company, the managers are well advised to react tactically and without delay! It is advisable to make use of professional help as quickly as possible.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself!
(Andy Warhol)   

Change Management

What would you like to achieve for your organisation? What are your goals and visions? And how do you get there? Even if change has now become omnipresent, it frequently becomes significantly more complex than you first think. As well as the hard factors, it is also mainly the people involved who determine whether or not a change will be successful.

I can advise you in your change projects in terms of both strategy and practical implementation, and communication with the people involved. This will help you implement your wishes!

Change Management
Christina Klumpp

Your expert for business coaching, business mediation and change management.

Christina Klumpp

For over 20 years, I have been supporting leaders, teams and organisations with their change processes. I first worked as a leader in the automobile industry, and then became a certified coach and mediator.

My goal is always to keep the focus on people and their needs, as this is the only way to achieve a long-lasting result. My approach is characterised by a great deal of empathy, structure and persistence.

I will use all my energy and experience to help you achieve your goals!

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