Portfolio – My topics for you

Portfolio – My topics for you

Business coaching I Individual coaching

  • Development / further development of the management role
  • Personality and potential development
  • Communication training
  • Conflict management
  • Location determination
  • Reconciling how you see yourself and how others see you
  • Burnout prevention, stress management

Leadership & development

  • Achieving clarity about goals, wishes and requirements
  • Support with reconciling how you see yourself and how others see you
  • Preparation for duties as a manager
  • Targeted training for assessments
  • Preparation for management in the digital world
  • Support with your first steps in a management role
  • Support with conflict topics

Team Coaching

  • Support with new team structures (new boss, new employees)
  • Support with new tasks and challenges within the team
  • Support of teams for larger company changes
  • Resolution and prevention of conflicts within the team
  • Support with vision and strategy development
  • Location determination / further development of the team
  • Resource development within the team

Business mediation I Conflict moderation

  • Resolution of conflicts between superiors and staff
  • Clarification of conflicts between areas / departments / teams
  • Conflict resolution within change management
  • Resolution and prevention of bullying conflicts
  • Conflict resolution between business partners
  • Control of company succession
  • Resolution of inheritance conflicts

Bullying I Conflict consulting

  • Consulting and support in acute bullying situations
  • Resource activation and support for those affected
  • Consulting with superiors on the next steps
  • Conflict resolution and mediation in the case of bullying
  • Training on how to deal with bullying
  • Training on bullying prevention
  • Team developments during and after bullying situations

Change Management

  • Advising specialists and managers during all change processes
  • Support during company changes due to crises
  • Support of the change due to a change in senior management
  • Support for technological change within the company
  • Help with change due to increasing economic competition
  • Support of company change due to resource bottlenecks
  • Setting up management and team workshops for resource activation

I offer all services in person as well as online.

I can support you in German and English.

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